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Publish Articles for Profit

Want to know a quick and simply way to earn money from Google Adsense and other affiliate programs? Find out how you can set up a content rich website business by publishing other people's articles.

Content rich websites

Everybody has heard the phrase 'content is king'; browse any marketing forum and you will be told repeatedly that the best way to receive search engine traffic and link referrals is to publish plenty of good quality content.

However, writing articles can be a time consuming process, especially if your holding down a full-time job and your website is a part-time business. Can you realistically build a 50, 100 or 200 page website of quality content in a short period of time?

So why not supplement your pages with articles written by other people?

Finding articles to re-print

Fortunately there is no shortage of authors eager to allow other people to publish their articles. It is a great form of public relations, allowing the author to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular subject.

There are also a number of 'middlemen' on the scene. These are directories where authors submit their articles, allowing people to browse through and find suitable content. Some of these directories are vast, containing 1000s and 1000s of articles for your use.

Finding articles to re-print is very easy, simply go to your favourite search engine and enter terms such as 'free re-print articles' or 'free website content'. You will soon come across a range of article directories.

Using re-print articles for your website business

There are a number of ways to grow your existing website or even set up a new business:

Knowledge directory

Many companies that own a website do not use them to their full potential. Normally the site will consist of basic information about the company, the products or services on offer and contact details.

Adding a knowledge directory of relevant articles would provide a level of added value for customers, encouraging them to return to the site frequently and generating more business.

Running an ezine or company newsletter

An extension to the knowledge directory would be to build up a mailing list of regular customers and send a newsletter to update them on new articles, plus news on new products, services and promotions.

Many people run ezines and simply find high quality re-print articles that they know their readers will be interested in. Using other people's content provides them with the time to build their mailing lists and find more companies willing to advertise.

Network of niche websites

'Multiple income streams' is a big internet marketing buzzword. This is the practice of setting up a number of websites targeted at different niche markets, each generating an income that when combined with the others becomes quite substancial. The advantages of niche websites being that it is easier to dominate a very small market, whilst spreading your risk; however a high level of resource is required to create the content for each niche site.

Using free content it is possible to set up and promote a network of websites, each consisting of 30 - 50 pages, within a relatively short space of time. Each site would be used to promote a relevant affiliate product and host Google Adsense or Yahoo! Publisher Network adverts for additional income opportunities.

Search engine marketing

Free content can also be used for search engine marketing. The more pages that you have on your website, the more opportunities you will have to be found for a greater range of key phrases. Effectively you are casting a wider net to increase the size of your catch.

Search engines like websites with plenty of pages, as they perceive them to have a greater authority on a particular subject. Just do a search for a competitive key phrase and it is likely that the sites that come up at the top of the rankings will consist of a high number of pages.

Search engines also like websites that are linked to by other sites. By populating your knowledge directory, ezine or niche network with high quality content, you will be creating resources that other people will be keen to link to.

Go build it

So why not take advantage of this great marketing opportunity to build your online business.

The Truth about Internet Marketing

Internet marketing really is doable! Let me go on to explain that statement.

I have searched for years to find a business I could run from home where no one was looking over my shoulder and all of the decisions were made by me. Corporate America was just not for me. I needed to have a career in a field where I could be a relatively free spirit. Internet marketing has shown me that I can be in total control of my own life.

One of the most important things that you'll need to succeed at Internet marketing is a mentor.

You'll need to find a mentor who is able to show you:
• How to build an Internet business from scratch
• How to build a web site
• How to register a domain name
• How to get your web site hosted
• How to advertise
• How to generate traffic to your web site to make money
• The latest trends
• Action plans, blueprints and strategies
• How to develop a mindset for wealth
• Everything it takes to build your business right

Here are a few of the perks of Internet marketing:
• You can create products on your computer, virtually free and sell them for huge profits.
• You can have a business running and making money in one day.
• Once your business is up and running, you can work a couple of hours a day or less
and still make money 24 hours a day. 
• No expensive wardrobe. Sweatpants or shorts and a T-shirt will do just fine.
• Save a lot of money on gas.
• You can live anywhere you want as long as you can connect to the Internet.
• Internet marketing is easy to learn.
• Start up costs are extremely low.
• Free or low-cost training on the Internet 24 hours a day, as opposed to going to a
college or technical school.
• Internet marketing can be done on your schedule
• You can make A LOT of money

I am assuming you already have a computer, because you are reading this article. That's the biggest cost and is also tax deductible. A couple of hundred dollars for advertising, and you will be well on your way to being financially free.

I finally found the right business and the right mentor after years of searching through all the scams and incomplete, hyped up courses. I have learned more in one week with my mentor, than I have in all the years of trying to start a business online by myself. The scary part of this is that it was FREE!

Stop wasting your valuable time, and connect with someone who can teach you what you really need to know about Internet marketing. Do the research! This is working for me, I know it can work for you!

Keyword Advice - on keyword research and identification, keyword placement, keyword density and keyword marketing

Keyword Identification is the first step while creating your content for your site. Identify keyword related to your niche topics should be the first priority while creating web content. The quality of these keywords is critical for a good ranking in search engines. Researching the right keywords for your website should be the key, so that when people perform a search for a particular keyword phrase they will be able to find your site. So how do you do that will be the questions in everybody's mind. I have categories this article into 3 phrases like keyword research or keyword identification, keyword selection, keyword placement, keyword density, keyword ranking and keyword marketing.

Before I would go further I would like to discuss about building your website for your business you should focus on certain other SEO strategies like clean navigation, a search engine friendly website architecture so that search engine spiders or robots can easily gather information from your website.

Once your site structure is done it is time to create the content for the site, which is the crucial part and where they keyword research, keyword density comes into play. If you follow these steps which I have mentioned below it is sure that your website can enjoy a higher ranking in search engines.

Step 1
Keyword Identification or keyword research:- This should be first step while building your content, because your content will be build around with the keyword and phrases which has been identified at this stage. Which is very critical and if not done correctly you won't achieve the desired results. There are different ways to identify how people search on the web.
1) Think about what keyword would you chooses while you search for certain products or services. Think from the customer point of view and not from search engine or SEO point of view. Collect and write it down. I suggest using a spreadsheet so that it will help you in the stages as well.
2) The other way is you can ask your own customers or friends that how do they search on the net to find that particular products or services. Usually all people think differently and might not use the same keyword phrase to find that product or services. Collect them and store it.
3) Keyword suggestion tools. There are 100's of tools on the web some of them are free and other charge a fee. I suggest using Overture keyword tool and Google keyword tool (free) and wordtracker (paid). Type in your keyword and phrases into these tools you will find 100's of keywords for that particular products or services is been search on the web every month. Also it will show how many times that words are been searched on the internet. Tools like wordtracker will help you to find that how many times these keywords are been searched and how much competition is there for that particular keyword phrases. If you focus on high searched keyword it would be hard for your website to rank well because of competition. So always choose a keywords that is less competitive, so that you website will rank well for that particular keyword phrase on the search engine results.
4) The other way is if you have already had a website online check its web log and gather that keywords which helps people to find your site. This will help for existing website to recreate the content.

After these steps are done use your spreadsheet to determine the keywords It is ideal to have more keywords rather than focusing on a few words. In that spreadsheet matches the following keyword in terms like how many times the keywords are searched and how much competition is that keyword facing on the web. As I said before always choose less competitive keywords. Once these stage is over start constructing your website content with the identified keywords. 

Step 2 Keyword placement:-Placing the keyword is very crucial, because if the keywords are not place properly the search engine spiders will have a difficult time in identify and storing information from your web pages. You most important keyword should appear on the title of the page at least once which all search engine given relevancy. Next the same or related keyword should be there on the heading of the page. Also use a related keyword while starting a paragraph and through out the web page evenly. The density factor is discussed below.

Step 2
Keyword density:- Search engine robots are very intelligent spiders they can determine while some tries to cheat them. Some webmasters and SEO experts use keyword spamming or keyword dumping which is ethical for a good search engine optimization. If search engine spiders indexes a web pages it determine who much times that keywords has been used on a particular web page. So Keyword density is important. An ideal density would be anything between 10-15 % keyword densities on the page. Also use keywords which are related to that phrase so that it gets relevancy for that web page.For example When I search for a keyword "dog supplies" I found 100 of related terms which like "dog supplies online" "dog supply store" etc so think and figure out keywords which are more related to that topic. Also Sprinkle the keywords phrases right across the web page and not concentrate at a certain place.

At this stage you website content should be ready keep in mind with the 3 top priority factors. This will determine your website success or failure in search engine. The next stage is keyword marketing.

Keyword marketing:- Some of the techniques you will use as a off site factor rather than on the side, because it affects only the marketing process. As you all know all search engines give links more relevancies in the algorithm. So after your keyword identification, density and placement are over you should focus on marketing your site. Like site submission, article submission, link popularity while all these techniques are for increasing inbound links to your site. So you would be using your anchor text for creating a link pointing to your site. So here is where keyword marketing comes to play. You should use your key important phrase in these anchor text also mix up your related keywords. Keyword marketing is also vital for Pay per click marketing where keyword is the king. So gather keywords related to your business and use it widely in your PPC campaign. Pay per click industry is solely depends on keyword marketing. If you website want the maximum ROI (return of Investment) you will have to apply the maximum keywords while bidding your keywords. For example your website visibility will increase if you choose maximum keyword for your Pay per click marketing.

The bottom-line is to gain a high ranking in search engine use keyword which is related to your business on your onsite and offsite website marketing. Keyword is the king when it comes to content and content is the king when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.

New Internet Marketing Experts In Asia

In recent years, Asia has developed to become one of the foremost internet marketing
boom areas, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia. As more and more events take off
in this part of the world, outstanding internet marketers are starting to blaze the
trail and offer marketers in the USA, UK and Europe opportunities for joint ventures
and other work.

For instance, Vince Tan, a Malaysian, was previously unknown until the launch of
"Keyword Anywhere" tool that has caught the imagination of the internet
marketing community through its killer application. Vince works with a more
prominent internet strategist, Kelvin Hui.

Gobala Krishnan, another Malaysian, who was also formerly unknown until the
development of the Easy Wordpress System that also proliferated the internet with
its step-by-step approach to blogging.

Joesph Then, a fairly experienced internet marketer, who has not yet been known in
Singapore but has a thriving business there, also runs several online businesses and
is armed with over 6 years of actual experience.

Jaz Lai is a new addition to the Singapore team of internet marketers. His claim to
fame is in network marketing online, and has fascinating ways to build a list

These are five figure a month internet marketers, and it is likely that before the
end of this year, six-figure income marketers will be created in the heartlands of

The community effort is now being forged at and all
marketers are invited to beta test the platform. With more opportunities to network,
there will most definitely be a greater number of join ventures and more money to be

How To Get My Business

More and more people are realizing that the Internet offers great potential to set up a healthy business for pennies on the dollar. This is good news for internet marketers - but it also means that they need to lift their game.

Why? Because the would-be "netpreneur" has access to way more training than ever before. It's possible to get up to speed very quickly on what is needed to get started online. This, in turn, means that people quickly recognize what offers true value and what does not. They see so many sales letters that they become, to a certain degree, immune to the typical hype. They're willing to spend - but they want value for money. They want to be treated like intelligent and discerning adults.

So here's a message to all 'gurus' (and aspiring gurus) who are keen to get their share of the dollars waiting to be sent flying their way via cyberspace.

1) What does it take to make people want to buy "you" rather than some other internet marketer?

2) What might make people want to unsubscribe from your list?

3) And what pushes them into asking for a refund?

What Makes People Want to Buy?

- They buy if they can see that a product will give them new knowledge and understanding.

- They buy if the purchase will speed up business growth.

- They buy if a product will automate a task that eats into their time. (People quickly learn to spend their time on marketing and product creation, rather than repetitive tasks.)

Tip: Once newbies have been exposed to a few sales pages, it's not long before they learn to look beyond the sales hype. They study a sales letter carefully to work out what the product will "really" offer them. (Do they need this? Or will it duplicate something else they own?)

They also learn to look for value for money. Some higher-priced products are worth every cent. Some cheaper products add very little to what they already know.

(Note: Savvy internet marketers already realize that if they put together online interviews offering truly valuable information, they are far more likely to attract and keep new customers. A quick example: Jane Smith listens to a one-hour audio interview on search engine optimization and traffic. She finds out some really useful information she has not so far heard anywhere else. She decides that this guy knows what he's talking about and shells out a couple of hundred dollars for his products.)

What Makes People Want to Unsubscribe from a List?

- Getting four identical emails trying to sell them the same product, because the sender hasn't figured out how to move them from one list to another after they buy.

- Getting a 'canned' email sounding full of excitement about a new product or service - which turns out to be a duplicate of the email they get from six other marketers who are affiliates for the same product. 

- Getting email from a product creator about anything under the sun because you bought XXX product from them. If your customers sign up for a newsletter, they expect mailings.

What Makes People Want to Ask for a Refund?

In the past, buyers tended to shrug and write off a bad purchase. But increasingly, people are prepared to stand up for their rights. If they feel they have not received value for money, they will ask for a refund.

So what makes them decide to ask for their money back?

- Software that doesn't work as it is supposed to.

- Physical products (CDs, DVDs) that don't work on their systems.

- An e-book that is full of content easily found in an hour's net-surfing.

- An e-book that has skimped on content or that has been poorly written.

- An e-book that not only skimps on content but is full of links to up-sells to get the 'really valuable' information, or is full of affiliate links.

The last case, an e-book full of affiliate links or links to an something you should be giving away free as part of your viral marketing campaign. Charge for it and you risk your reputation for being a source of quality information.

Other things that bite into your customer's valuable time.

- MP3's that are streamed from a website rather than being downloadable.

- e-books that are in ".exe" format only, so the customer can't print them out in one 'hit' (and can't access them on a Mac computer).

Give your clients anything that they can listen to or read away from the computer. Most of them spend enough hours a day at the keyboard already. They'd rather load an audio interview
into their MP3 players and listen while they go for a walk or relax in the sun. They'd prefer to print out an e-book and read it or mark it up while sitting in an easy chair.

Please, please don't tether them to the computer!

And finally, about those "name squeeze" pages. People are very quickly getting tired of having to give up their email addresses just to get to a sales page. Do you want them to buy or not? These days, unless there's a huge buzz around the Net and they want to see what it's all about, prospective customers are just as likely to click the 'back' button on their browser, or close the window and leave.

After all, there's always another internet marketer waiting to sell them a product. Probably one very similar to yours. Marketers who respect their client's time and intelligence are the ones who will get their loyalty - and their cash.